$TDT token is thus the living example of the functionality of the service platform and investment program.

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Degen on Pinksale - the staking token



Start Time 2024.07.15 06:30 (UTC)
End Time 2024.07.21 21:30 (UTC)


Launch Pancakeswap 2024.07.22   07:00 (UTC)

Tokenomicsand Token Allocation



Develop source code ✔

initial Hompage & trending Ecosystem✔

initial APP & trending bots✔

Prepare all proxy´s (Launchpads, swapping, tracking) ✔

Audit ✔

initial social media ✔

Proof of work channel✔


Airdrop ✔

add Liquidty ✔

lock Liquidty ✔

The unique Ecosystem ofTrend Trader

There are many promising projects and committed founders, but at least as many hurdles and resistance. Scammers and enviers are equally outnumbered. That's why it is absolutely crucial, especially in the initial phase, to take the right paths and work through the project goals within the framework of the roadmap in order to generate the corresponding success.

Even the smallest questions and challenges can lead to frustration for the development team, but also scare off potential investors since no clear direction and demarcation can be seen. These fragile sequences and processes that build on each other must be 100% coherent and kept comprehensible and transparent.

Every project here follows the same parameters over and over again, which need to be adjusted to individuality. This is where Trend Trader service comes into play.



George Halbbert
George HalbbertCEO
Feng Bayato
Feng BayatoCFO

What do we do exactly?

Depending on the stage your project is in, you can get free feedback from our team on your development status and current success. Standard parameters are checked and compared with our algorithm. Here your project will receive a score. But also a personal message from one of our mentors with some tips and suggestions, what would still be useful or round off the current state.